What We Value


We believe in proactive disclosure and want our clients to have a complete understanding of any fees or conflicts of interest as a result of our recommendations.


Serving our clients is primary.  It is our belief that if we focus on doing what is right for our clients, we will be successful.


Our industry’s motives are often blurred, which is why we view autonomy to be paramount.  Our independence allows us to make recommendations and craft solutions that are focused entirely on achieving or exceeding our client’s expectations. 


Since we hold our independence in such high regard, constant learning and attention to detail is our duty and obligation to our clients.


Our success or failure in this industry is determined by are absolute commitment to being honest with our clients. 



Our Difference

  1. Client focused – We start and end each day focused on our clients

  2. Team focused – We believe that a solid team offers more than a strong individual.

  3. Communication Driven – Proactively communicating with our clients especially when the economy or markets are turbulent.

  4. Independent – We are independent thinkers free to explore the best solutions for each family we help.

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