Investment Management

We Are Your Family's CIO

Corrigan-Jones Combines An Independent, Forward Looking Investment Strategy with a Clarity of Purpose & Execution. We help you define your goals and execute the plan. Our clients live busy, productive lives and they turn to us to handle the stress and uncertainty of the investing world.

Personalized Investment Management

Every family has unique goals and needs and require an investment strategy that is tailored to meet them. Listening to our clients is the single most important act in our investing process. Finding the right solutions all flows from these conversations. We Invest For YOU, Not Someone Like You


Investment Process

Like building your overall plan, investment plans require both strategic planning and shorter term responsiveness.  Furthermore, we search the entire investing universe to find the best companies, the best managers and the best opportunities for our clients.

Strategic Planning – We work with the client to establish goals, define risk tolerance and gather resources.

Portfolio Construction – We build our portfolios opportunistically, that is, we only buy when we believe investments are fairly priced.

Ongoing Management – As the portfolio changes, we adjust positions to ensure that we stay within your risk-parameters and are diversified within different sectors of the market

Client Communication & Reporting – Regularly scheduled communication ensures that our clients understand why we make decisions and that your investments align with your present life circumstances.


PDQ Investing

Purpose – Understanding how each investment will fit in your specific portfolio

Discipline – Maintaining a balance of seeking to buy at attractive valuations and selling when valuations are unattractive

Quality – Only interested in investing in  what we consider to be the best companies in the world

Corrigan-Jones combines the independence of a registered investment advisor with the institutional support of Moloney Securities, MSAM and Royal Bank of Canada.

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